VFX Supervisor





Martin Lipmann

Having devoted the past 15 years of my professional life in improving my vision of the postproduction industry as a digital artist and Visual Effects Supervisor, I was given the opportunity to work on projects in Paris, London, Melbourne, Adelaide and Montreal.
A multimedia devotee from the start, I undertook classes in history of arts and archeology at the Paris Sorbonne University, completed with hypermedia studies at Paris VIII University and graduated with a New Technologies Master’s Diploma. Also a music buff, I jointly studied for several years at the Paris Agostini School of Percussion.
I then began a professional career in 1995 as a pioneer web-designer for one of the first French startups, creating for such companies as Taittinger Champagne and Lancôme Perfumes.
Co-founder of “Mosaïques du Monde”, a non-profit organization intended to the teaching of communication technologies to children in French-speaking countries, I spent the year 1998 in West Africa. In a small bus, with three university buddies, we drove from Paris to Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, the Ivory Coast and Benin, where we introduced the basics of new multicultural technologies in French-speaking classes.
Upon return, I was given the opportunity to join “Cirque 360”, a traveling circus enterprise, where I confronted my knowledge of new technologies with the basic fact of live performances. This resulted in the development of an on-line entertainment platform integrating actor and acrobat performances to electronic communication systems. My experience as a percussionist became quite handy at times: in my book, rhythm is always of the essence.
I come from an artistic and cultural-minded family. My mother worked in the motion-picture industry as a set-designer before becoming quite a successful sculptor. My father is a writer, producer and film-director specializing in music. My twin brother is a TV series director; my sister a Line-producer.
Today, I’m a French and Canadian citizen, living in Montreal for the past ten years with wife and daughter.