Executive Producer, Producer

Mark Galvin

Mark Galvin is a producer, an executive, a team builder and a leader with more than 25 years of experience in the technology, entertainment and education fields. He has managed three technology-based entertainment companies, supervised and grown teams from 3 to over 350 and has run projects and operations in 14 countries. Galvin is well versed in the kinds of issues and opportunities that small to medium sized projects and businesses confront as they transition in growth; begin acquisitions, move from traditional to digital technologies or work internationally to better serve their customers and the shareholders bottom line.  While a majority of Galvin’s experience has been in the creation of content for film, television and games, his background includes creating consumer software and educational courseware for the University of California. 
Mark’s career in entertainment began in 1985 and grew from working as a controller in accounting, to post producing for Television and children’s programming and soon Executive Producing visual effects for film and TV and serving as the founding vice-chairperson of the Visual Effects Society. In 1985 Mark joined Dic Animation as an accountant and assistant controller. Several months later Galvin had been promoted and was running all post production operations for the company, overseeing operations and staff in Japan and Korea, while supervising post in his off hours. For the next three seasons Galvin and team produced over 225 half hours of television per year while receiving numerous nominations, two EMMY awards and three Golden Reels. 
In all, Galvin has worked on the production of more than 25 games, 32 feature films; 36 commercials; 24 television series; 10 Movies of the week or Mini-series; 12 large format and special venue ride films, 25 Games; on-line education courseware, proprietary software development and more.
Galvin’s experiences include working with Studios, Networks, Governments, Engineers, PhD's, technical crafts, supervisors and artists.  He has become a specialist in team building, process management and the merging of content and technology across platforms, across borders and across oceans. The greatest benefit of all of this, Galvin says, has been developing the ability to deliver on time and on budget, and appreciation of the fact the non-delivery is not an option.  His working titles and credits include seven EMMY Award Winning Television programs, three Golden Reel Award winning TV shows, 4 CLIO Award winning commercials, 4 Academy Award nominated and one Oscar winning film that include: “Total Recall,” “the Mask,” “Crimson Tide”, “The Crow,” “Robin Hood: Price of Thieves,” “The Three Musketeers,” “JAG,” “Moses” “Earth 2”, “The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” and many more.
In 2002 Galvin joined Electronic Arts Los Angeles as the second ever Development Director for EALA. Focused on delivering console games for the next 3 years, Galvin and team built two different titles for the Medal Of Honor franchise on XBOX, PS2 and NGC in 7 languages. During his tenure with EA, Galvin refined processes to make content development more effective, accountable and reliable while raising the quality of the visuals, and empowering artists and developers with greater creative input throughout the development cycle. These process and pipelines include the creation of Visual Guidelines and targeting pieces; standardized process documentation and visual reference guides; art direction and art authoring techniques, Media technical guides, Visual Style Guides and more.
Joining Win Win Gaming, a Las Vegas NV based start up in 2005, Mark added Mobile phone, cross platform gaming, WiMax deployment, Wireless lotteries and on-line lobby hosting to his list of experience. As Win Win’s Executive Vice President and COO, Mark brought his experience in game production and off shore project management to the new acquisitions of the parent company in China, Korea and England.  While at Win Win Galvin ran all production operations, expanding productions for the ESPN “X Games” suite of games to Korea and developed a Mobile Phone porting facility in China. After completing over 10 years in games Mark and team had created content for Consoles, PC’s Mobile devices and handhelds. A process and project management innovator, Galvin has the rare ability to analyze and create systems infrastructures that nurture growth, create accountability and promote team work within competitive and creative goal setting environments.  Credits include.
VFX Producer:
                          “MEET THE DEEDLES” Peak Productions, Walt Disney Pics. 1997, Camelot Films, Inc.
                          “DRACULA: DEAD AND LOVING IT”, DQI, Brooks Films, Castle Rock Ent., 1995,
                          “THE THREE MUSKETEERS” Dream Quest Images, Caravan Pictures/Buena Vista, 1993
                           “THE SECRET GARDEN”, Dream Quest Images, Warner Bros., 1993
                           “BODY SNATCHERS”, Dream Quest Images, Warner Bros., 1993
                           "THE MIGHTY DUCKS", Dream Quest Images, Avnet-Kerner Films, Buena Vista, 1992
                          "THE SEARCH FOR SIGNS OF INTELEGENT LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE", Dream Quest Images, Tomlin & Wagner Theatricalz, 1990
VFX Producer/ Supervisor
                          “SHRUNKEN CITY” Kushner-Locke, Dream Theater Inc. 1997, Camelot Films, Inc.
VFX Executive Producer
                          “THE ARRIVAL”, Live Entertainment, Dream Quest Images, 1996
                          “PRIMAL FEAR,” Dream Quest Images, Paramount Pictures Ent. Release, 1995,
                          "HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN QUILT", Dream Quest Images, Universal, 1995
                          “DR. JEKYLL AND MS. HYDE”, Dream Quest Images, Savoy Pictures Ent., 1995
                          "HEAVENS PRISONERS", Dream Quest Images, 1995, Savoy Pictures Ent.
                          "THE SWAN PRINCESS", Dream Quest Images, Rich Ent., 1994
                          “THE MASK”, Dream Quest Images, a New Line Cinema 1994
                          “LITTLE BIG LEAGUE”, Dream Quest Images, Castlerock Ent., Tristar, 1994
                          “SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION”, DQI, A Niki Marvin Prod., Warner Bros. Release, 1994
                          “THE CROW”, Dream Quest Images, Edward R. Pressman Films, Miramax Films, 1994 *
Co- VFX Executive Producer
                          “CRIMSON TIDE”, Dream Quest Images, Hollywood Pictures, 1995.
Head of Production
                          “CONEHEADS”, Dream Quest Images, Paramount Pictures, 1993
                          “HERO AND A HALF”, Dream Quest Images, 20th Century Fox 1992
                          “TOYS”, Dream Quest Images, 20th Century Fox, 1992
                          “HOT SHOTS”, Dream Quest Images, 20th Century Fox, 1992
                          "GRAND CANYON", Dream Quest Images, 20th Century Fox 1991
                          "FREEJACK", Dream Quest Images, Morgan Creek, 1991
                          "FINAL ANALYSIS", Dream Quest Images, Warner Bros., 1991
                          "HOT SHOTS", Dream Quest Images, 20th Century Fox, 1991
                          "ROBIN HOOD: Prince Of Thieves", Morgan Creek Productions, A Warner Bros. Release
                          "FREDDY'S DEAD: THE FINAL NIGHTMARE", DQI , A NEW LINE Release, 1991
                          "DEFENDING YOUR LIFE", Dream Quest Images, Geffen/Warner Bros., 1990
                          “EXORCIST III, THE LEGION", Dream Quest Images, Twentieth Century Fox, 1990
Line Producer/Department Manager
                          “TOTAL RECALL”, Academy Award, Winner, Best Visual Effects, 1990,  Optical’s Dream Quest Images, Carolco/Tri Star, 1990
VFX Producer
                          “THE TEMPEST", ShadowCaster, NBC TV, Mini Series, 1998
VFX Executive Producer
                          “ALIEN NATION: The Enemy Within", Dream Quest Images, Fox TV, 1996, M.O.W.
                          “ALIEN NATION: The Udara Legacy" Dream Quest Images, Fox TV 1996, M.O.W.
                          “SHAUGHNESSY: IRON MARSHALL” Topeka Prods, Aces & Eight’s Prod. Dream Quest Images, 1996 Movie of the Week (“M.O.W.”)
                          “ENEMY” Tristar Television, Dream Quest Images, 1996 Pilot
                          “THE OSIRIS CHRONICLES”, Paramount Pictures Television, DQI, Pilot eps 1996
                          "JAG” Paramount Pictures Television, Bellisarius Productions, Dream Quest Images, 1995-6 season (22 episodes.)
                          “ALIEN NATION: Millennium" Dream Quest Images, Fox TV. 1995, M.O.W.
                          "ALIEN NATION: Body and Soul" Dream Quest Images, Fox Television, 1995, M.O.W.
                          “MOSES”, Dream Quest Images, Aster Productions, Rome 1996, Movie of the Week- Emmy Award Winner, Special Visual Effects,
                          “ROLLING THUNDER”, Dream Quest Images, Adelson ENT. Sony Pictures, Tristar Television series Pilot 1995 EMMY Awatrd Winner
                          "NATURAL ENEMIES", Dream Quest Images, von Zerneck• Sertner Films, 1994, MOW
                          “EARTH II”, Dream Quest Images, MCA, Universal TV, (22 Eps.) 1994, NBC. * Emmy Award Winner, Special Visual Effects,
                          “THE HAUNTING OF CLIFF HOUSE”, Dream Quest Images, MCA Universal 94’,MOW
                          “LIFE 101”, Dream Quest Images, Warner Bros. TV NBC Pilot 1994
                          “THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY JR.”, Dream Quest Images, Warner Bros., Television, FOX Broadcasting 1993, 1994 season
                          “DEEP RED”, Dream Quest Images, MCA, Universal TV, 1994
Executive in Charge Of Production
                          "DOWN AND DIRTY DINOSAURS", A Hanna Barbera Production,  1988, (39 live action segments). Christopher Brough Prods. Inc.
Line Producer
                          “THE ADVENTURES OF JIMMY NEUTRON: BOY GENIUS” Nickelodeon, O Entertainment, DNA Productions, Inc Summer and Fall 2002.
Executive Producer, VR
                          “THE REAL ADVENTURES OF JONNY QUEST”, Hanna Barbera Cartoons, Inc., Dream Quest Images, fall 1996, release Pilot Episode
Executive in Charge Of Production
                          "TREASURE ISLAND", McDonald’s, Heron Communications, Christopher Brough Prods. 1989 Home Video.
                          "SOMEDAY ME", FISHER PRICE, Heron Communications, Christopher Brough Prods. 1988 Home Videos, (3 episodes)
                          "THE ADVENTURES OF TEDDY RUXPIN" 1987 (65 epis). Dic Ent.,
                          "ALF Tales", NBC Series, (26 eps). Dic Ent , NBC, Golden Reel and Daytime Emmy Winner
                          "THE BEVERLY HILLS TEEN CLUB" 1987 (65 epis). Dic Ent
                          "DENNIS THE MENACE", 1986-87 (76 episodes). Dic Ent
                          "THE REAL GHOST BUSTERS", 1987 (65 eps). Dic Ent ABC
                          "GHOST BUSTERS" ABC 1986-87, (26 eps) Dic Ent Golden Reel and Daytime Emmy Winner
                          "KIDEO TV", 1986-87 (65 eps.) Dic Ent ABC
                          "STARCOM", 1987 (13 eps). Dic Ent
                          "THE NEW ARCHIES", NBC, 1987 (13 eps.) Dic Ent.
                          "DINOSAUCERS" 1987 (65 eps.). Dic Ent.
                          "HELLO KITTY" CBS, 1987 (13 eps). Dic Ent.
                          "POPPLES", 1987 (10 eps.). Dic Ent.
                          "KISSYFUR", NBC, 1986-87 (21 eps). Dic Ent.
                          "SYLVANIAN FAMILIES", 1987 (13 eps). Dic Ent.
                          "KIDEO TV", ABC, 1986-87 (13 eps). Dic Ent.
                          "LADY LOVELY LOCKS", 1987 (10 eps). Dic Ent.
                          "KISSYFUR", Primetime NBC, 1986-87 (13 Epis.) Dic Ent. Golden Reel Winner
                          "JULIE" , ABC, MATTEL, 1987 Dic Ent.
                          "BARBIE", ABC, MATTEL, 1987 Dic Ent.
                          "THE KINGDOM CHUMS", ABC, 1986-87 Dic Ent.
Senior Producer
                          “Lumi” Foundation Games 2011 -2012 iPad, iPhone Mobile Game
                          “Lumi Lite” Foundation Games 2012 iPad, iPhone Mobile Game
                          “Dropple” Foundation Games 2012 iPad, iPhone Mobile Game
                          “Dropple Lite” Foundation Games 2011 -2012 iPad, iPhone Mobile Game
Executive in Charge of Production
                          “Wimbledon 2006” Tennis, ESPN, Wimbledon, Pixiem Games 2005 Mobile game
                          “ESPN Downtown Dash” ESPN, Pixiem Games 2005 -2006 Mobile game
                          “The Open Championship Golf” 2006, Pixiem Games 2006 Mobile game
                          “Wimbledon 2005” Tennis, ESPN, Wimbledon, Pixiem Games 2005 Mobile game
                          “ESPN Extreme Skateboarding” ESPN, Pixiem Games 2005 -2006 Mobile game
                          “ESPN Extreme Inline Skating” ESPN, Pixiem Games 2005 -2006 Mobile game
                          “ESPN X Games: Snow Moto X” ESPN, Pixiem Games 2006 Mobile game
                          “ESPN X Games: Moto X” ESPN, Pixiem Games 2006 Mobile game
                          “ESPN X Games: Gliding” ESPN, Pixiem Games 2006 Mobile game
                          “Jeanette Lee 9 Ball” Pool, Pixiem Games 2005 -2006 Mobile game
                          “Win Win Texas Hold’em”, Win Win Gaming 2006 Mobile game
                          “Win Win Casino Black Jack”, Win Win Gaming 2006 Mobile game
Development Director
                          “MEDAL OF HONOR: European Assault”, Electronic Arts 2004 -05 Consoles
                          “MEDAL OF HONOR: RISING SUN” Electronic Arts 2003, Console
General Manager, Producer
                          “FREELANCER” PC Game: Digital Anvil, Microsoft Corp. 2000
                          “CONQUEST” PC Game: Digital Anvil, Microsoft Corp. 2000
                          “AMERICAN GIRL SAM”: Educational PC Game, Human Code, Walt Disney
                          “AMERICAN GIRL MOLLY” :Educational PC Game, Human Code, Walt Disney
                          “BUZZ LIGHTYEAR” Educational PC Game, Human Code, Walt Disney
                          “Quake III: ARENA” PC Game Opening Cinematics – id Software, Digital Anvil
Executive Producer, Digital Division, MPC 
                          “GOOSEBUMPS”, DreamWorks, S.K.G., Dream Quest Images, CD-ROM, 1996
                          "PYRAMIDS”, Dream Quest Images, Knowledge Adventure, CD Interactive Game, 1995
                          “WING COMMANDER III” DQI, Origin Systems, CD-ROM 1994
VFX Producer
                          SANTA BARBARA FILM FESTIVAL Theatrical trailer 45 sec. SBFF, ShadowCaster
VFX Producer /Supervisor
                          ELVIRA’S “SUPERSTITION”, IWERKS Entertainment, Inc. Dream Theater, Inc. 1997, Ride Film Pre-Show Camelot Films, Inc..
Executive Producer,
                          HITACHI-DVD, UCLA-CDI, Hitachi Corp., Software design, DVD authoring tools
                          “CYBERCHEM”, UCLA-CDI, Educational CD-ROM, McGraw-Hill, 1996-97 “IMED” Interactive Multimedia Education at a Distance, UCLA-CDI,                              Internet courseware and Software development to put UCLA on-line 1996-97
Executive Producer,
                          "TEMPUS: THE LEGEND RIVER", Dream Quest Images, 10 min. Special Venue DigitalDivision, MPC Ride Film. Tempus Corporation 1994
                          "SONY WORLD", New York, Dream Quest Images, 8 1/2 minute HDTV, POV film, Sony Pictures Entertainment, New York 1994.
                          "SPACE SHUTTLE AMERICA", Dream Quest Images, 70MM Motion Base Ride film, Six Flags Illinois, 1994
Head of Production
                          "ASTEROID ADVENTURE", Dream Quest Images, IMAX 70MM, Motion Base Ride film, IMAX Corp., Phantasia Land, 1993
                          "STARQUEST", Dream Quest Images, 70MM Motion Based Ride film, Samsung, Landmark Entertainment, Korean Expo 1993.
                          "BATMAN THE RIDE ADVENTURE", Dream Quest Images, HDTV Motion Base Ride Film, Warner Bros. Movie World Australia, 1993
VFX Executive Producer
                          “DUCK DODGERS IN THE THIRD DIMENSION” 3-D Warner Bros., Visual EffectsDream Quest Images, 1996 WB Themed Entertainment Div.
VFX Producer/Supervisor                           
                          BLOCKBUSTER NIGHT “ELVIRA” :30, Director Mix Ryan, IWERKS ENT., 1998
Exec. Producer, Digital Imagery and Post Producer
                          PANASONIC, “Pours”,: 30 Director Richard Hoover, 1994
                          BUD LIGHT, “Freeze” 3 x,: 30, Director Mitch Teller, 1994
                          DISNEYLAND, “Toon Town”: 30 Director Mitch Teller, 1994
                          CABLE TV, "Exploding World": 30: 60, Director, J. Klarenbeck, 1993
                          TANDY” “Engine”: 30 Director, Justin Klarenbeck, 1993
                          GRUMMAN, “New Technology”: 30 Director, Richard Hoover, 1993
                          MONSANTO, “Pizza” : 30, Justin Klarenbeck, 1993
                          MONSANTO, “Hoover Dam”: 30, Justin Klarenbeck, 1993
                          MONSANTO, “Mt. Rushmore”: 30: 60 Justin Klarenbeck, 1993
Head of Production and Post Producer
                          PLAX TOOTHBRUSH, "Morphing Brush": 15, Director: M. Bigelow, 1991*
                          AMERICAN IRON AND STEEL "Classroom": 30 Dir.: J. Klarenbeck *, 1991
                          SUPER NINTENDO "G-Force" :30, :15 Director: Micheal McAlister, 1991
                          SHIELD SOAP "Turn Your Shower On" : 30, "Lift" :15 Dir.: E. Durst, 1991*
                          TARGET, "Merry Christmas" :30, "Plush":30 " Elves":30, M.Bigelow,1991*
                          SKITZO COLOR CLOTHING, "Light Waves,” : 60, Dir.: M. Bigelow, *, 1991
                          MILLER GENUINE DRAFT, Islands", : 60 FX Director: Eric Durst 1991
                          MILLER GENUINE DRAFT, "Zeppelin", : 60, FX Director: Eric Durst, 1991
                          "HOOK" : 60 Teaser, Sieneger, Director: Micheal McAlister, 1991
                          SUN MICROSYSTEMS," Forest/Bullseye": 30, Dir.: Michael Bigelow, 1991*
                          WORLD GOLD COUNCIL, "Morphing Leaves/Italian Jewelry",: 30, Director: Justin Klarenbeck, *, 1991 (Intl. Theatrical release)
                          SHADE 45,"Get Out Of The Sun",: 30, :15 Director: J. Klarenbeck, 1991
                          BEN GAY "Birthday Party/ Car Welder",: 30,: 15 Dir.:, R. Hoover, *, 1991
                          POLAROID "Just Under 30 Bucks, Clams, Smackers" : 30's Dir.: E. Durst, 1991
                          ARCO, "Knife",:30,:15, Director: Justin Klarenbeck, 1991
                          "ROBIN HOOD: Prince Of Thieves":60 Trailer, Seineger Adv., Director: M. Bigelow, 1991
                          MILLER G.D.L., "Pinnacle",: 60, Vis. FX Director: Justin Klarenbeck, 1990
                          MILLER G.D.L., "Glacier",:60, Vis. FX Director: Justin Klarenbeck, 1990
                          ARCO, "Skyline":30, Director: Justin Klarenbeck, 1990
                          ARCO, "Merging Pumps",: 30, Director: Justin Klarenbeck, 1990
                          CHEVROLET, "Chevy Lumina-Stickers", :30, Dir.: Richard Hoover, 1990
                          MERIT, "Harmony": 30: 15, Director: Michael Bigelow, 1990
                          VOLKSWAGON, "99 Bottles": 30, Director: Eric Durst, *, 1990
                          VOLKSWAGON, "Engine": 30, Director: Eric Durst, *, 1990

Role with the VES

Founding Vice Chair, committe member for Rules and Awards