Associate CG Supervisor

Mahmoud Ellithy

I have substantial experience working on Maya; I have 8+ years of production experience, especially with technical parts like rigging, scripting, rendering, and dynamics. I have an excellent knowledge of python and MEL.

Automation and scripted rigs help standardize the assets, speed up the process, and provide the flexibility to modify the assets and rebuild your rigs. Although this is the primary role in my current position at Framestore, I joined their auto-rig core development team, Creating tools to help the animation team using the rigs.

I was lucky to have the first show at Framestore as Disney's "Artemis Fowl"; it was many challenges and a lot of fun and experience.

Although I started with creating facial-rig systems called "FemtoRig" it has been used in production for more than four years and has been used by hundreds of users worldwide.
Also, a lookdev toolset and an environment scattering toolset are both created in python. Although I have taken C++ courses, however, I've yet to find the opportunity to implement my knowledge in my projects.

I have a solid understanding of the musculature and topology of both figure and facial anatomy. Also, I have good experience in complex vehicle rigging in Maya for film and TV broadcasts.

I have been responsible for the rigging and rendering workflow for a TV series for 3 seasons. I have created a python script to generate a procedural facial rigging joint based and used it for rigging more than 250 characters for the TV series and more than 80 characters for the "Kiral Sakir" Movie.

Always work closely with Modelers and Animators to develop and refine rigs to meet the specific pipeline requirements.
I'm self-motivated, I'm working hard to push my knowledge boundaries, and I do not accept less than 100% success.

Work Experience

Framestore 2 years 9 months Associate CG Supervisor May 2021 - Present Montreal, Quebec, Canada ____________________________________________________ Framestore Lead Rigging Technical director July 2019 - May 2021 (1 year 11 months) Montreal, Quebec, Canada Working closely with the production and the supervision to prioritize and dilate the shows and assign the tasks to the other artists based on their skill. Developing and prototyping rigs and solutions to accommodate the show's needs. -Although I joined Framestore's auto-rig core development team, which give me a chance to implement some advanced developments such as BlendShapes delta registration module, which allows you to create yours to use Maya shape editor to sculpt your shapes and register these deltas into an external file so you can rebuild your scene very easily. ____________________________________________________ Rigging technical director September 2018 - July 2019 (11 months) Montreal, Quebec, Canada Mainly I`m creating a fully scripted rig using Python OOP for hyper-realistic characters. I developed from scratch a complete workflow for facial tracking. -Starting with a facial tracking rig allows the trackers to have multiple layers of control so they can start by the broad tracking, and then they can increase the amount of the active controls to get much tighter tracks. -Also, I developed a tool to allow them to work with the tracking rig more efficiently the main features for this tool are -converting the 2d tracking points to 3d locators using *allIntersections* function in MfnMesh functions set. -connect these 3d locators to the closest tracking control and shift the controller influences pivot. I build a tool that takes the tracked mesh as input and converted it to animation curves on the face rig. This tool analyzes the shapeNetwork for the facial rig and stores each shape data like the area of influence the main direction of the shape, Then compare it with the deformed mesh from the tracking rig and tries to achieve this shape using the facial rig frame by frame and it gives very close results to the tracking and the animators using it as starting point to their animation. There were many challenges in that movie. The main ones ware the variety and the complexity of the characters, character transformation, super abilities, and must be animation-friendly at the same time. But it was much fun and much experience also. CairoCartoon Computer Graphic Supervisor December 2014 - September 2018 (3 years 10 months) Egypt Cairo Work closely with the directors to create the strategies and assess the technical options and evaluate and create the production schedules. Designing and implementing the technical, artistic pipeline, and workflow of a production. Creating Automation tools for the rigging and the rendering team. Do the training for the juniors. Identify areas of R&D required for the projects. For texturing, I use Photoshop, Mudbox, substance painter, substance designer For regrinding, I use MentalRay Vray Solid angle Arnold For composting, I use Nuke, aftereffect ____________________________________________________ Grafi2000 Produksiyon Computer Graphic Supervisor February 2017 - March 2018 (1 year 2 months) Istanbul, Turkey I was the technical director for "kiral sakir" movie it will be in cinemas on 11th May 2018 I was responsible for the workflow and the pipeline, from the characters topology, rigging, work closely with the animators to create a robust rig the system, also I was responsible for the lighting and optimizing the scenes ____________________________________________________ Arab Gulf Rendering Supervisor April 2013 - November 2014 (1 year 8 months) Egypt Rending very complex scenes in Maya with vary characters with hair, animals, crowds, melting objects , interiors, and jewelers ____________________________________________________ Edugate Art director March 2010 - October 2014 (4 years 8 months) Egypt Illustrating and directing the art team, which is around 5 to 15 members creating book covers and magazines layout Imagine Publishing Freelancer April 2014 - July 2014 (4 months) Creating tutorials in photoshop El Nour Channel Graphic head March 2013 - December 2013 (10 months) Graphics Designing, Animation, Branding for on-air and off-air. Designing promos, creating animation for slot graphics, and all day to day graphics requirements from producers or any other channel graphics requirements. Taking creative briefs from the group head and delivering them as per the channel requirements and standards. ____________________________________________________ Albaghdadia channel 3d artist November 2008 - October 2010 (2 years) Egypt Graphics Designing, Animation, Branding for on-air and off-air. Designing promos, creating animation for slot graphics, and all day-to-day graphics requirements from producers or any other channel graphics requirements.