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Luca Gabriele Rossetti

Luca G. Rossetti is a Concept Designer, Art Director and Matte Painter specialized in film, TV series, commercials and Games.

He is also a VFX Supervisor and most recently a Film/ADV and Cinematic Director with a strong knowledge of visual effects.

He has contributed to a heavy number of visual effects creation and, has been designing establishing ideas in major movies, tv-series, and games in the last two decades.

+80 features including academy-award winners and nominees
+25 years in the film industry.

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Luca Gabriele Rossetti - IMDb

Having a strong background in Film, Visual Effects and Art, he handles different aspects of production, from rough speed concepts to the final photo real image.
His artworks has been featured in several art books and art magazines

Working in Art Departments, pre production or vfx studios
Working closely to Production Designer and Art Directors I help them to achieve their visions
Strong communication and efficiency.
Supervision and management of artists.
Able to be the one to talk to the clients about what is needed. (i.e. Directors/Production Designers)
Strong artistic and creative vision and a good artistic eye for detail.


• Concept Art
• Art Direction and VFX Art Direction
• Production Design ( Architectural Set Creation on Sketch Up)
• Promotional Art
• Matte Painting
• Illustration
• vfx supervision on set/in house

Specialities: Director/Writer/Filmmaker

Role with the VES