Lubomir Hristov

Innovative and results-driven Art Director with 25+ years of progressive experience in animation and film visual effects in Europe, USA and Southeast Asia. Areas of expertise include creating visuals, art directing, team supervising, client liaison, 2D/3D effects design and supervision. Strong academic background in traditional Fine Art, Film and Animation transitioned in computer arts in 1990s. Founder of Christov Effects and Design, Inc. with affiliates in Europe - a boutique company known for design, art direction, 3D environments and matte paintings. Clients include all major production studios such as Warner Bros, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, Disney. Among clients were prominent directors, vfx supervisors and large facilities. Member of Visual Effects Society since 2000.

Role with the VES
Member since 2000.

Work Experience

Worked for big post-production studios as Creative Director, Art Director, concept designer, 3d-2d

Film Credits

Skills & Titles

Creative Director, Art Director, concept designer


VES nomination for Best 3d Environment, 2009