Animation Senior Lecturer, Professor, Lead Animator, VFX Artist, Formlabs Ambassador
USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Otis College of Art and Design, Irvine Valley College
Lance Winkel

Lance Winkel

Lance Winkel is an award winning cross-disciplinary artist, craftsperson, educator, and advocate.

He is an award winning Filmmaker, Photographer, Practical Modeler, and Film Festival Programming Director. His commercial production backgreound is as a 3D Generalist, Previs Artist, Lead Animator, and Rigger. His graduate thesis and MFA research work became the first film made in Maya and Renderman at CalArts and formed to roadmap for the initial Maya 3D production pipelines at CalArts and at Image G. As a Union Activist and as a member of multiple academic Senates he has fought for higher wages, consistent contracts, clearer transparency, and more adequate compensation at both the university level and within industry.

As an industry ambassador for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing and the first ever Formlabs Ambassador, he helped the pioneering 3D printer maker Formlabs to develop their Ambassador program and develop ongoing content sessions at SIGGRAPH and other conferences to build up awareness for qualitative improvements in 3D printing technology and craftmanship. He is a passionate advocate for building strong curricula and innovating new approaches to teaching interdisciplinary collaborative design, 3D printing, and product development in industry and at all academic levels.

When not teaching, envisioning ways to remodel his home into the NCSS Nostromo from Alien, or contributing to his local design and film communities, he is an award-winning animated filmmaker, photographer, practicing artist, and model-maker.