Kenneth Larson

It all began in a 30,000 square foot VFX studio in North Hollywood. I started as a Model Maker on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and quickly added Battlestar Galactica to my credits. It all continued through my last Model Maker job on Independence Day. Three weeks later I was VFX Set Designer on Batman and Robin. Other VFX Set Design credits include Shrek, Polar Express, and Ghost Whisperer. As a Set Designer, I mostly work in AutoCAD.

My portfolio web sites are and

My personal web site is which will take you to the all the others.

In my spare time I travel mostly in the US and have a web site for these trips and am interested in Spanish Missions in the US at

I also volunteer at all three branches of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and am currently building an elaborate water garden in my back yard.