Ken Maruyama

Ken Maruyama
Vice President, Recruiting & Academic Relations
 Sony Pictures Imageworks’ Ken Maruyama is the Vice President of Recruiting and Academic Relations
 In this role, Maruyama oversees the recruiting and staffing department ensuring that the productions are crewed with the best talent sourced from around the world.
 Maruyama also guides the Academic Relations program by building strong relationships with participating schools to nurture the next generations of digital talent.  Academic Relations emphasizes training standards developed from real-world production issues and helps member schools better prepare their graduates for potential employment both at Imageworks and the industry at large.
 Prior to Imageworks, Maruyama was the Director of Digital Animation and Creature Development group at Industrial Light & Magic. This department was comprised of animators and artists who created and brought to life the digital creatures and characters featured in CASPER, DRAGONHEART, MEN IN BLACK, MARS ATTACKS!, THE LOST WORLD, JURASSIC PARK, and STARWARS: EPISODE I.  Maruyama also served as manager of special projects where he oversaw CG recruiting activities and was the principal organizer of the ILM Education Symposium.  He also founded ILM’s Diversity Outreach Program
Prior to ILM, Maruyama was the vice president and executive producer at Interface Media Group in Washington, D.C, where he managed the graphics and animation division. Interface was one of the few post-production facilities with in-house capabilities of producing 35mm motion control combined with 3D and 2D digital effects.
 Maruyama has a master’s degree in graphic design from the University of California Los Angeles and is on the Board of Directors of the Visual Effects Society.