Lead CG Artist
Ghost VFX


Jonathan Bliss

Jonathan Bliss is an accomplished leader and CG Artist with 15 years in the visual effects industry as an Animator, CG Generalist, and CG Supervisor.

He has managed high-end projects and has achieved success by exemplary work ethic, competency, and ability to recognize and encourage his team's talents through effective communication and collaboration. In addition, he has directed CG crews with a patient, grounded, and respectful temperament. Jonathan has also defined project-specific visual effects standards and developed and maintained production schedules.

Jonathan played a vital role in implementing a GPU rendering system at a previous employer. He helped train his team to seamlessly transition to the new render engine to deliver shots more efficiently while boosting quality. He was even the driving force behind the entire CG department's development at 23D films in 2008.

Mr. Bliss is also an accomplished CG animator, lighter, and all-around CG Generalist. With a fine art and 2-D animation background, combined with his 15 years of production experience, he possesses a diverse technical skillset, a deep understanding of motion, the 12 principles of animation, and a well-trained artistic eye.

Jonathan relishes mentoring junior artists to help them develop into highly productive and instrumental team members. Motivated to imagine, create, and innovate, he has demonstrated an aptitude for problem-solving while performing varied creative tasks. He has contributed to several award-winning television commercials, music videos, feature films, and Emmy award-winning series such as Gotham and Westworld.