VFX Supervisor

John Mesa

  In the early 1980’s John Mesa started working at the visual effects-production company Introvision International. He started as a motion control cameraman; later lighting & shooting miniatures then moving up to in-house Director of Photography covering stage shoots with actors. During this time he worked on "The Fugitive", "Under Siege", "Driving Miss Daisy", "Darkman" & Army of Darkness" both directed by Sam Rami, "Lock-Up", and "Fearless" directed by Peter Weir. In 1993, John was promoted to Creative Director - Visual Effects Supervisor, on "River Wild" directed by Curtis Hanson, "Jimmy Hollywood" directed by Barry Levinson, "Silent Fall" directed by Bruce Beresford.  During this time period John received several awards including an Emmy (paper) for "Miracle Landing”, New York Film Festival Award and several magazine awards for The Fugitive's Train Crash
  In 1996 John moved to become Flash Film Works Visual Effects Supervisor.  Working on films “Very Bad Things”, "Deep End of the Ocean", and "Deep Blue Sea".  2000-01 started with the new "Batman" commercials for GM which won several awards including Mobius, Caddy & Silver IAA Award, then “Red Planet” and "Pluto Nash".  Finishing 2002 with “Collateral Damage”, directed by Andy Davis staring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  2002-03 was taken up with another Andy Davis film “Holes” starring Sigourney Weaver, Shia LaBeouf & John Voight.   “The Last Samurai” directed by Ed Zwick and staring Tom Cruise took up most of 2003.and won Visual Effects Society Award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Motion Picture movie.
  During 2005-06 John was co-supervisor  for "The Guardian" at Flash Film Works and helped develop a new way to approach 3D water for the film.. After The Guardian, John worked on "Blood Diamonds" & "Defiance" both directed by Ed Zwick, and "The Day the Earth Stood Still".  The last few years have been spent on HBO's "The Pacific" working on several episodes, with John receiving a 2010 EMMY nomination for best VFX in a TV movie for EP #1 and Flash Film Works getting an VFX Emmy for EP #5.  In 2011 John received a Visual Effects Society Award for best compositing in a Broadcast Special “The Pacific”.  Flash Film Works also receiving VES Award for Best VFX in a Broadcast Movie “The Pacific”.
 John is a member of the Visual Effects Society, Editors Guild, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.   You can obtain more information about John P Mesa (John Mesa) at www.imdb.com.