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Joan Collins

JOAN COLLINS is an All-Media Content Producer / VFX Supervisor / Production Manager: Visual Effects for Features, Immersive Experience, VR, Virtual Reality, Animation, Commercials, All Media, Augmented Reality, Multi-Site Supervision, Real Time Live Performance, Concert Tours & Interactive Real Time Entertainment, Streaming.
Specializing in finishing the "difficult to finish" Post Productions: Extensive work for Completion Bond Companies to get CG-Movies and TV projects FINISHED!   
Pipeline And System Configuration, Computer Graphics, VFX, Audio/Visual, Compositing, Immersive Projection, Video Arrays, And Multi-Source, Rendering, AI, 8K, Media Platforms.
JOAN COLLINS is a Producer and VFX Supervisor. Joan has produced computer-graphics for more than thirty-five years including: "Hoodwinked Too", “Starship Troopers,” “Starman,” “SLiTHER,” "The Ghost and the Darkness,” “An American Haunting," “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,” “FreeJack,” “Fern Gulley: The Last Rainforest,” “Hot Shots! Part Deux,” “Stigmata,” “White Noise 2: The Light,” “Stuart Little.” “Bebe’s Kids,” “Hellraisers,” “Dungeons & Dragons,” and “Judge Dredd,” She is Co-Producing SIGGRAPH’s “The Story of Computer Graphics;” and finished Producing "Hoodwinked Too!" for Harvey Weinstein.  Joan has done extensive work for Bond Companies to get cg-movie projects finished. She works globally with multi-sites.
Joan started at Sony Pictures Imageworks in 1995; and was at Sidley Wright in 1988. She was the Sales Manager for Robert Abel’s original animation software starting 1983.  Before that, she was the Director of Programming and Graphics at Laser Media.  She has a long list of credits for producing, organizing, promoting, and staging concerts and events for a World’s Fair, live satellite broadcasts, and major artist’s concert tours.
Education:  UCLA; Computer Graphics.  1980 – 1983.  Joan was in the first group through the Computer Graphics Department, and was a T.A. for John Whitney, Sr. She helped produce the first Visual Music Alliance awards in 1981 and started LA SIGGRAPH. Joan received her BA in Communications and Fine Art from Washington State University. WSU in1980.
She won a CINDY award in 1986 for Outstanding Achievement for the first Multi-Screen Laser Disk Production, now commonly known as a Video Wall.  The client was Chrysler/Dodge.  She also produced the CGI for the first Interactive TV projects for Lightspan Entertainment.
She has a long list of credits for producing, organizing, promoting, and staging concerts and events, real-time broadcasts, and major artist’s concert tours.  In October 1995 she pulled together the Graham Nash LIFE SIZE show.  The projected images were triggered in Atlanta, and rendered in real-time in Los Angeles, and sent over ISDN lines.
Joan was the President of JC&A, a company that configured hardware and software systems for the display industry, and technical enhancements for theatrical presentation.
She produced laser animation for Stone Mountain Park and Disney World’s EPCOT Center, the two largest laser graphics displays in the world.  She also created VFX and light displays for motion pictures, concerts, the 1984 Olympic Closing Ceremonies, and Steve Wosniak’s “Us Festival”, specializing in large-scale projection techniques.
From 1985 through 1987, Joan was the Sales Manager at Abel Image Research, a Robert Abel company; where she sold the original A.I.R 3D computer animation software, while creating compelling video sales reels, including clips from Abel’s commercial division such as Amazing Stories, etc.
She is a long-time active member of SIGGRAPH the Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics.  She CO-Chaired the 1995 Electronic Theater and the Computer Animation Festival.  She was Chair of the International SIGGRAPH 1987 Film and Video Show in Anaheim, and was the AV Chair for SIGGRAPH 1989 in Boston. Joan has served on the Los Angeles Chapter’s executive board since 1981, and Chaired the group for six years.  She is currently the Los Angeles SIGGRAPH Vice-Chair.
She is a founding member of the Los Angeles Media Arts Congress, or LAMAC, seeking to aid in the understanding of the complexity and extent of the local growth & development of the media arts. 

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