DFX Supervisor
DNEG Montreal



Jerry Tung

I am currently working as DFX Supervisor, at DNEG, Montreal, Canada.

I have been involved in Film, TV, game industries since 2005.  I began my professional journey as an Animator in 2001.  After a few years of going into different generalist roles, which involves in modelling, texturing, FX,  look development, and lighting.  I have gain valuable experience and learned from the best in the industry.

With strong VFX passion at heart, being a good communicator and a humble listener, I have gain peers and built lasting friendship with many talents I have the privilege to work with.

I have always wanted to contribute part of my positive experiences with our VFX community.  Therefore, becoming a board member in our humble Montreal Chapter was one of the best decisions I have made.  I am able to serve our members, providing joyful and fun event.  Is what I love doing outside of our busy productions.

Role with the VES
Montreal Chapter Board member