VFX Supervisor, Creative Director, Look Developer
Mammal Studios


Gregory Liegey, Jr.

Beginning his career as a composite artist specializing in look development and shot design, Greg worked for some of the visual effects industry’s top houses (ILM, Sony Imageworks and Cinesite among them).  Graduating to the position of Visual Effects Supervisor in 2004, he has served in that capacity on over twenty films during the past decade. In that time, Greg presided over the production of, quite literally, thousands of shots. FlightplanEvan AlmightyInglourious BasterdsTower Heist, and Fury represent just some of his credits.  Overseeing work both on set and off, his range of experience covers everything from miniatures to full CG environments.  Greg has had the opportunity to work with many top directors, producers, vfx supervisors, as well as some of the industry’s leading technicians - each experience helping to fine-tune the balance between art and technology, essential to the creation of high-end visual effects.