VFX Producer | Studio Manager
Ghost VFX


Gillian Pearson

With over 25 years of experience in production, promotion and administration in the creative media industries, Gillian brings a diverse range of general and people skills to any project or company.

In recent years she managed resources and administration at two visual effects studios; production managed and coordinated VFX for numerous TV series; and co-founded and operated a visual effects college,  Previously, she worked in TV commercial post production & visual effects, classical animation, education and workplace training, live theatre and music. Notable employers include CoSA VFX, Encore VFX, Walt Disney Animation Canada, Lost Boys Studios, Knowledge Network and the Arts Club Theatre. She has worked on projects for many major television studios and advertising agencies, from Vancouver to LA to Mexico City.

As of 2020, Gillian is heading up the new Ghost VFX studio in Vancouver as VFX Producer and Studio Manager.