General Manager

Gavin Graham

Gavin Graham is the General Manager of DNEG Montréal and Toronto. He has spent almost 22 years of his 23-year career with DNEG, having also worked for MPC and Cinesite. Originally an FX artist, with a background in Computer Science, he has also created tools and worked in development in the area of simulation and rendering. He has FX and CG Supervisor credits on projects such as Stardust, 2012, multiple films in the Harry Potter franchise, and Captain America: The First Avenger.
In 2011 he moved into a management position with DNEG, initially as the London Head of 3D, and then as Global Head of CG, before moving to Montréal to his current role in 2019.
He joined the VES Board of Directors in 2019, took on the role of Secretary in 2021, and previously served as Secretary for 3 years during his 6 year tenure on the London Section Board.

Role with the VES
Board of London Section, 2013-2018Secretary - London Section, 2016-2018Board of Directors Alternate, 2019-2020Board of Directors, 2021-VES Secretary, 2021