VFX Supervisor / Senior Compositing Artist

Francois Dumoulin

As one of Rodeo FX’s widely admired VFX Supervisors, Francois is critically involved in pre-production, bid analysis and script breakdowns.
Providing on­-set supervision, he is fully dedicated to the creative process, with each project’s director and production supervisor, from early script to final delivery.
A self­proclaimed “crazy movie enthusiast,” Francois is also an accomplished senior compositing artist and compositing supervisor.
His experience as a director for commercials, music videos and shorts, also makes him a reliable and creative ressource for second unit / Vfx unit direction.

As a Vfx supervisor for more than ten years, with a variety of companies based both in Paris and Canada, Francois was involved in the production of hundreds of commercials, music videos and feature films, working with such award winning directors as Bruno Aveillan, Steve Barron, Jean­-Pierre Jeunet, Roland Joffe, Frederic Planchon and Stephane Sednaoui.
Before joining Rodeo FX, Francois worked as the production VFX Supervisor on the feature film “Upside Down” which featured over an hour of VFX­ driven screen time, and required development of ground-breaking techniques for motion-controled cameras and on-set visualisation systems. Francois critical contribution landed him several awards nominations, and paved the way for even more ambitious projects.
In addition to his extensive, on­set experience all over the globe, he was also a founding member of La Maison, a Paris­ based visual effects boutique,

Francois has studied drawing and architecture at Art Decoratifs, and history of art at the Sorbonne in Paris. He earned a Master’s Degree in movie directing at Ecole Superieure de Realisation Audiovisuelle, also in Paris. Francois expertise in photography and writing, along with his depth of knowledge regarding movie language and history, have all contributed to his success as a VFX Supervisor.

Regarding his approach to his craft, Francois says, “I love to come up with innovative design ideas and technical solutions to each task I’m charged with. Be it for a blockbuster, a genre film or an auteur movie, I always remain focused on the narrative aspect of visual effects, and strive to deliver finished shots with very high technical and aesthetic standards.”

Francois is noted for his ability to remain calm in any situation, either on set with 200 people, or working behind a computer screen, helping his fellow artists to overcome artistic and technological challenges. While deadly serious and passionate about his craft, his sense of humor is also often acknowledged by his colleagues and his peers.