VFX and Post Producer, Creative Producer


Dawn Turner

I am originally from Chicago but now living in LA. My experience includes Visual Effects, Animation and Post Production on the client and vendor side for 18 yrs. I am also an independent film maker producing, writing, editing films. I won a film editing award in 2016.  I am enthusiastic​, full of life and always looking for the next opportunity to be apart of something bigger than myself.  I really love films and the process that goes into making them.  I am a dedicated and committed hard worker.

I've worked for big and small studios such as Universal, Dreamworks, Walden Media, LucasFilm, Warner Bros., and Sony Pict. Entertainment, 20th Century Fox but I've also worked for small boutique studios as well. I've seen visual effects and animation done many different ways and have obtained knowledge in all areas on how best to setup, track and deliver a show. I've also outsourced shows to vendors, bidding the work, turning over vfx packages, creating delivery schedules and working with the Director to get approvals of work. I've worked with artist in smaller studios,  scheduling work, bidding work and working closely with the VFX Supervisor.  My post experience consist of working with Editors, Editing on Avid, ingesting media / turnovers, organize media in bins and, exporting files in different formats.

I have a large wealth of knowledge that I can bring to your organization. If you are looking for someone who has a technical background and understands all of post, not just VFX, then I am a good fit .

In all, the way I see things -  life itself is a work of Art. It's all in how you frame it.

Work Experience

VFX Producer

Film Credits

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Star Wars: Clone Wars Beyond Skyline Avatar Ballers Hunger Games Bruce Almighty Nim's Island Madagascar Scary Movie 4 Priest Astronaught Farmer Shark Tale Pirhanna 3D

Skills & Titles

Bid, Script Breakdowns and Database management. Overseeing and tracking vendors, shot progression, editorial, digital Artist and final deliveries.


"The Boots" "Helio"