Motion Imaging Consultant
D-Cinema Consulting

David Reisner

(From the Sept. 2017 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal...)

David Reisner received the 2014 Academy Technical Achievement Award and the 2014 Hollywood Post Alliance Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation. He was recognized in the 2012 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award as a Co-Designer of the ASC CDL, now used almost universally in the workflow of motion pictures, scripted TV, and visual effects turn over. He was Lead Designer of the ASC-DCI StEM Standard Evaluation Material that was used to determine the quality required for the deployment of digital cinema. He was the Vice-Chair of the SMPTE Working Groups responsible for the digital cinema imaging and security standards. Over 97% of cinema screens worldwide now use digital cinema. Reisner also had leading roles in activities including design and production of the ASC-Producers Guild of America (PGA) CAS Camera Assessment Series and elements of the ACES. He made one of the first proposals for the Virtual Print Fee model used to fund the digital cinema rollout. Reisner’s “firsts” include programmable portable computers, the handheld video jukebox, and VLIW computer architecture—one of the enablers of modern multiprocessor computing. He made early contribution to the introduction of neural networks—the basis of modern AI and Machine Learning. He has shot celebrity and fashion for books and magazines including Vogue Italia, produced concerts internationally, and trained killer whales. Reisner is well published in books, technical articles, and has spoken widely, including on manned space exploration at the 2014 International Space Development Conference. He is a member of SMPTE; the founding Secretary of the ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council and an ASC Associate; a Member of the Visual Effects Society; and Chairs committees for the Academy Scientific and Technical Awards.

Role with the VES
Co-author of Digital Cinematography chapter in all 3 editions of the VES Handbook of Visual Effects.