Research Scientist/Visual Effects Technical Supervisor

Dan Novy

Dan Novy (aka "NovySan") is a 20 year veteran of the Visual Effects Industry. Originally from the Chicago area, NovySan received his Masters Degree from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, where he vaguely remembers playing with 3D on a Cray, working on early CAVE systems, and studying shamanic performance in pre-agrarian societies. He moved immediately to Hollywood applying his wildly varying skill set at Flash Film Works for fifteen years, where he acted as a Supervisor, CTO, Technical Director, sys admin, net admin, database developer, fluid simulation supervisor, animator, compositor, pipeline engineer, and cappuccino maker. Recent credits include: CLASH OF THE TITANS, THE PACIFIC (Emmy for Best Visual Effects), THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, BLOOD DIAMOND, THE GUARDIAN, THE LAST SAMURAI, RED PLANET, and DEEP BLUE SEA.

NovySan was the Co-Chair of the Visual Effects Society's Technology Committee and when not working, which happens occasionally, he is deeply involved in the San Francisco Fringe Theater and Burning Man communities. His other projects, including CNC robotics, sidewalk chalk, puppets, and medieval siege weaponry, can be seen at Dan is also a Co-Founding Member of the Southern California Chapter of “Dorkbot,” a collective of artists (sound/image/movement/whatever), designers, engineers, students and other interested parties from the Southern California area who are involved in the creation of electronic art (in the broadest sense of the term.)

NovySan is currently a Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab, specializing in Deep Ocean Exploration and Immersive Data Experience Design.


Role with the VES
Dan  Novy was the Co-Chair of the Visual Effects Society's Technology Committee until they finally named his official replacement.