Christopher Edwards

After five years as a layout artist and character animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation, Chris Edwards joined a team of digital artists at Lucasfilm tasked with previsualizing Star Wars Episode III: Return of the Sith from the "third floor" of George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch.

In October 2004, Chris spearheaded the founding of THE THIRD FLOOR, Inc. in Los Angeles.  Since then, the company has become the most prolific previs studio in the world, contributing to Hollywood projects from Avatar to Gravity with credits on wide-ranging film and television projects such as Game of Thrones, The Martian, Mad Max: Fury Road, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Marvel’s Iron Man, Captain America,Thor and Avengers franchises.

For over a decade, Chris has worked to expand the art form of previs internationally and into new markets, including episodic television, video games, themed entertainment and virtual reality.  In 2009, Chris co-founded The Previsualization Society, a non-profit trade association for previs professionals. In early 2014, Chris joined an alliance of iconic filmmakers to found VRC: The Virtual Reality Company.