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Bob Nicoll

Nicoll Consulting

Creative Leader & Educational Advisor

Over the past 40+ years, Bob Nicoll has worked in many digital creative worlds, including academia, broadcast, and the software, film, and games industries.

Bob blends his academic, production, and leadership skills, understanding that innovation requires educational pathways that nourish creativity and that the best solutions deliver a step beyond simple answers. He knows that disrupting rigid inertia cycles in a creative group demands learning that promotes fresh perspectives. This is his passion and profession.

My work history (in chronological order) includes:

  • The obligatory small corporate graphics jobs - AT&T, IBM, and J&J

  • Flying logos and openings for CBS, NBC, ABC (major US networks and sporting events)

  • Training folks at the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and NASA

  • Worked as a compositor and trainer on crawler films like; Anaconda, Starship Troopers, and Godzilla, plus some favorites like Contact and Stuart Little

  • Developed state-of-the-art training programs for Fortune 500 companies such as SGI, Sony, EA, Blizzard Entertainment, and top tier universities.