Visual Effects Supervisor
Phantom Fx

Bejoy Arputharaj

Creative and Passionate artist & manager, with an eye for detail. With more than two decades of CG Industry experience.

A CG Generalist with good knowledge in many 3d softwares and specialized in areas of compositing, including integrating cg elements into live action plates, matte painting, blue/green matte extraction, set extensions, creatures, color correction, face replacement, 2d & 3d camera tracking, 3d projections, & 3d space compositing. With good knowledge in the technical aspects of CGI pipeline.

Have worked more than 200 Movies. Have a complete understanding of film postproduction from scanner to recorder. And expertise in digital film production pipeline.

Founder of PhantomFx a public company with more than 500 professionals working currently, since 2011, a successful VFX Studio headquartered in chennai/India, with studios in Mumbai / Hyderabad/ and offices in Los Angeles/ Vancouver & Dubai Providing Quality content for both International and domestic VFX market.
Managing & Supervising the companies creative and administrative personals.

Budgeting and Bidding projects, developing client contacts and relationships, on set and in-house supervision.

Planning and projecting yearly budgets, leading the team of managers by conducting routine meetings and training.

Work Experience

20 years