VFX Software Engineer


Arturo Morales Rangel

Born in Mexico City and graduated there as well, Arturo Morales Rangel has become one of the best young software engineers working for the US visual effects industry, who graduated from the National Polytechnic Institute, one of the best engineering schools in Mexico with a Master's Degree in Computer Technology.
Motivated by the film industry and visual effects, He pursued his dream to become a part of the big game in Hollywood and contribute to the magic of cinematography with new solutions. That’s what inspired him while studying to develop software for VFX automation named 3D Generic.
His portfolio includes world famous productions where his skills and software were used as a crucial part of the projects execution.
Today he is one of the youngest active members and currently based in San Francisco Bay Area.

Film Credits

Asura Film Suicide Squad Deadpool Furious 7 Chappie House of Cards