VP Global Technology

Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce is VP Global Technology at DreamWorks, where his latest projects have included developing technology budgets and production platforms for new DreamWorks initiatives, DreamWorks TV, and championing Open Source initiatives such as OpenVDB (which won a Sci/Tech Academy Award this year for its inventors), and significant contributions to OpenSubdiv and OpenEXR. Andrew has 32 film credits in Visual Effects R&D.


Andrew received a M.Sc. from the University of Calgary where he studied Computer Science specializing in parallel Computer Graphics.


Before joining DreamWorks Animation, Mr. Pearce spent 3 years as Head of Production Technology at ESC, the visual effects house behind the Matrix sequels. He started his career at Alias developing technologies such as Paint Effect, Maya, Alias Ray Tracer and delivering Maya for Mac OSX as Director of Maya Technologies. He shares a Sci-Tech Oscar for his part in the development of Maya, received 3 U.S. patents , and is equally proud of his 1999 CBC comedy special.