VFX Supervisor/Artist/Animator

Adam Ghering

Adam Ghering started his career in Motion Capture and Animation. He has worked at numerous companies such as Neversoft, Digital Domain, Light Storm Entertainment; as well as an instructor at the ART Institute of California- Los Angeles. He had the pleasure of working on the Visual Production team doing Post Viz and stereo compositing on James Cameron’s Avatar. He now works as a Stereo Supervisor for Legend’s stereo conversion section in both the US and Canada. He was the Head creative during the ramp up and build out of their Toronto studio and also is a sitting board member of the VES – Toronto chapter. Adam has given compositing and stereo supervision to over 20+ projects; most recently:
In house VFX Supervisor on AMC Preacher for LegendVFX 
Imax – A Beautiful Planet
Gods of Egypt
As well as stereo prep, correction, and conversion on such films as:
Spiderman 1 and 2
Oz The Great and Powerful.
Smurfs 1 and 2
And more (see IMDB for full list)


Role with the VES
Former Toronto Board Member