Lyndon J. Barrois, Sr.2023-03-02T16:07:29-08:00

Lyndon J. Barrois, Sr.

Artist, Animation Director, Filmmaker

An Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) VFX Executive Branch member, Lyndon boasts a long career in art and animation. His film credits include The Matrix Trilogy, Happy Feet and The Thing, where he directed pivotal character animation sequences in those features and many others. He currently wins accolades for his unique gum wrapper sculptures and stop-motion animations of historic figures and events, whose portrait and Sportrait films are produced entirely on iPhones. Within the art world, his work has been featured in major institutions from the Pérez Art Museum Miami, to the MOCA Los Angeles, the Massachusetts MOCA, and most recently added to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s permanent collection. Subjects of his work range from gender inclusion in the FIFA World Cup, to America’s Covid-19 crisis, racial uprisings and elections of 2020.