Virtual Production Is Production: Greg Baxter2021-07-12T16:28:43-07:00
Greg Baxter – Executive Producer

Greg Baxter is an award-winning creative producer with a strong background and extensive experience in digital and
virtual production.

Baxter’s professional career began in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999 at Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic
(ILM) where he was involved in numerous projects including the resurrection of the Star Wars saga.

In 2002 Baxter left the VFX facility world behind and made the freelance jump to collaborate with with director Peter
Berg on The Rudown.

As a VFX Producer, Baxter brought his experience and digital insight to film projects ranging from horror franchises
such as Blade and Final Destination to studio tentpoles including the X-Men and Divergent series.

In 2014, Baxter first teamed with director Rob Letterman on Goosebumps as Co-Producer, using his knowledge of
digital production techniques to help bring realism and lifelike characteristics to the animation-hybrid creature film.
Baxter and Letterman carried that relationship on to launch a new era in the Pokemon IP’s film franchise with 2019’s
Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

Baxter’s Co-Producer role included the space adventure Passengers in 2016 which marked his third collaboration
with Producer Neal Moritz.

In 2019 Baxter increased his leadership presence as Executive Producer on The Midnight Sky – along side director
George Clooney – where Baxter used his experience and knowledge of various virtual production tools including LED
volumes, virtual photography and facial performance capture to help bring the epic story to screens of all sizes.
On every project, Baxter is involved in all aspects of production from development through post – including
breakdowns and concepts, methodology strategy, visual development and virtual art department oversight,
budgeting, scheduling, interdepartmental collaboration, shoot oversight, digital production execution and post
production workflow.

Baxter’s unique skillset and talent make him an incredible ally and advocate for filmmakers who are looking to tell
stories that require a mixture of complex methodologies.