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4.25.2020 to 5.1.2020 | Event

VES NY Members Slack Signup

NY VES Members,

You are invited to the join the ves-newyork Slack workspace to help you connect to your fellow section members and engage in discussions ranging from general, jobs, events, 2d and 3d vfx, all the way to the topic on everyone’s mind covid19.

This Slack workspace is open to all New York VES section members that wish to participate. To start our rollout we are requesting you “sign-up” via the VES website reservation system. There you can register for the ves-newyork Slack workspace with a different email than the one that you use for your VES account, if you so wish. As rsvp requests come in, we will be extending the invite from Slack to your preferred email.

Thank you.



First, sign in the VES website using the MEMBER LOGIN with your VES credentials on the left. You’ll then see “Welcome, USERNAME” if your login was successful. The signup features will not show up if you’re not logged in.

Reload the Slack Signup Event page and enter 1 and only 1 RSVP. Enter your Full Name and and the Email Address that you would like to use for the Slack invite, and press CONFIRM RSVP.

Please note, your member credentials will be auto populated in the Send RSVP confirmation to widget below; please leave that information as is. That info will not be used for the Slack Invitation.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us at newyork.ves@gmail.com.