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3.31.2019 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm PDT | Event

VES Los Angeles LACMA 3D Double Vision Exhibit

VES Los Angeles LACMA 3D Double Vision Exhibit 
See this incredible exhibit before it closes!
VES LA is offering discounted group tickets for members & their guests.
MUST PURCHASE AHEAD OF TIME – Please log in for member link.  
Sunday, March 31, 2019
4:00pm Self-guided Group Tour
Meet at 3:45p at the Main Box Office
3D: Double Vision is the first American exhibition to survey a full range of artworks, dating from 1838 to the present, that produce the illusion of three dimensions. These artworks function by activating binocular vision—the process by which our brains synthesize the information received by our two eyes into a single, volumetric image.
Drawn from the realms of art, science, mass culture, and entertainment, the artworks in 3D: Double Vision will dazzle the eyes and provoke the imagination. Ultimately, to experience 3D is to engage with questions about the nature of perception, the allure of illusionism, and our relationship with the technologies that create such images.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Discounted Ticket Info: 
Adult Ticket ($18.00)
Senior/Student Ticket ($12.00)
* Guests who qualify for free admission can simply check-in ahead of time & meet by the Box Office at 3:45pm  (i.e., LACMA members, Children 17 & under, and registered NextGen families — child member & adult must be present).
After touring the exhibit, members may choose to go diner together at one of the many nearby restaurants, or there is a free concert that evening at LACMA: 
Sun, Mar 31, 2019
Bing Theater
Free and open to the public