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4.18.2019 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm PDT | Event

VES BAY AREA PRESENTS REALITY EVOLVED: The Challenge of Creating Immersive Media

VR & AR are maturing into legitimate mediums on their own. In our panel discussion we’ll hear from three local artists who live, learn and earn in immersive media. Attendees will hear about advances in storytelling, what is working and what isn’t and unique techniques and problem solving approaches.


Come by to be part of this lively discussion!



APRIL 18, 2019
6:30PM – 8:30PM



Kevin Ang

Kevin is an artist who’s storyboarding, animation, print design, motion design, graphic recording and now all things immersive. He has won an Emmy for his broadcast work and is the co-founder of the XR Artists Collective, a global community contributing to a growing art movement.


Kevin Kunze

Kevin Kunze is an award-winning 360 virtual reality filmmaker who’s worked with Colin Kaepernick, Ayesha Curry, and Brent Burns. Kunze’s first feature length documentary Mobilize includes interviews with Steve Wozniak, Gavin Newsom and Lawrence Lessig. 


Estella Tse

A VR/AR Creative Director and artist based in Oakland, CA, Estella integrates emerging tech and visual storytelling into a new art form. She strives to inspire new ways to connect, educate, and build empathy.


Michael Russell- MODERATOR

The Panel is moderated by VES Bay Area Board of Managers Member Michael Russell.  Mike is an Assistant Professor in the Digital Filmmaking Program at SAE Expression Creative Media College. His career spans 35 years as a professional screenwriter, director, editor, technical director, producer, creative/technical consultant and educator. He has worked in feature films, visual effects, animation, internet, TV, advertising, game industries, and tech giants in Silicon Valley.