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7.23.2022 11:00 am to 12:30 pm PDT | Event

Event – Erika Rosenberg Lecture on FACS (Online)


Deconstructing the FACS:

A brief history, overview, and practical advice on the Facial Action Coding System.

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Join us for a Zoom Session on July 23, 11: 00 AM – 12:30 M PDT

Erika Rosenberg, Ph.D.


Facial expression scientist, author, and educator, Dr. Erika Rosenberg, will offer an overview of the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) for visual effects industry professionals. Her presentation will include: a history of FACS’s development, a brief dive into this anatomically-based methodology for facial measurement, and a discussion of crucial considerations for the application of this measurement tool and knowledge of its parts (namely the action units or AUs) to the creation of moving faces in the arts. Finally, Dr. Rosenberg will offer some ready-to-implement, “take-home” advice on how to use knowledge from FACS research on emotion to convey feeling in animated faces.

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This 90-minute session will include a 1-hour presentation plus ample time for discussion and questions.

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