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Tue Apr 23, 2024 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm BST | Educational, Event

A.I. Chapter 1

VES London starts exploring the impact of A.I. tools in Visual Effects with a series of exciting in-person events and webinars !
“A.I. Chapter 1” is the first episode of this saga where we point our attention to the use of Generative A.I. for CG Environment creation and Digital Matte Painting.
Please click on the link below to meet Vasa, our A.I.-generated presenter, you’ll find out she is really happy to invite you to this exciting event !!



A.I. Chapter 1 it’s a global webinar happening on Zoom with Cuebric a leading american company on generative A.I. for visual effects and VP content.
The event will be recorder for all the other sections in the world with a different time zone and shared inside our VES website.

This is the Program:

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag – Co-founder & CEO at Cuebric
Will be introducing the company mission and the ethic behind generative A.I. tools Cuebric is developing.

Barış Yılmaz – Lead Prompt Engineer at Cuebric
Will be showing and talking about prompting and image generation workflow.

Walter Schulz – VFX Director at Cuebric
Will be presenting and demonstrating live the implementation of Cuebric environments into Unreal Engine 5.3, from import to material network creation and environment mesh editing in DCC. Followed by camera and animation setup in Sequencer.

Gianluca Dentici – VFX Supervisor, Compositing Supervisor – VES London’s Co-Chair
Will demonstrate a tool for importing Cuebric generated images automatically into Nuke 3D space and talk about future development of a internal nuke-cuebric plugin.



April 23rd 7pm UK time

It’s going to be lots of fun ! Please login and register !