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5.20.2017 9:30 am to 5:30 pm PDT | Event

2017 VES Bay Area Summit

Film & Beyond | The Next Twenty Years

As the Visual Effects Society celebrates and honors its Twentieth Anniversary, The Bay Area Chapter is taking the opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going in the NEXT TWENTY YEARS!

From it’s roots in hand made, traditional visual effects craftmanship, through expansion into digital tools and technologies, feature-length animation, cinematic video game content…  the Bay Area’s digital arts community continues, year after year, to be a leader in the modes through which VFX can affect the world.

Blockbuster Movies.  Science.  Education.  Theme Parks.  Virtual and Augmented Reality.  We want to engage in a joyous reflection on our history, and to dream where we can go next.

As such, the VES Bay Area Board of Directors invites local and global experts from the fields of Animation, Broadcast & Film, VFX, Video Games and Technology to gather for this 2nd Annual Bay Area Summit. 

The event will include approximately ten Roundtable Topics to encourage discussion and interaction.  These discussions will include accomplished local and international industry contributors — directors, producers, art directors, cinematographers, editors, post production supervisors, visual effects practitioners and executives — dedicated to both their own industry, and to the health of the production community at large.

Come join this amazing event with us and be a part of the conversation as we look to the past, the present and the Next Twenty Years.