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2.7.2012 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm PST

10th Annual VES Awards

Welcome to the show!!!! Shortly, before your eyes, millions of dollars of visual effects work, created by ARTISTS and STORYTELLERS across the world, that have helped to generate billions of dollars in gross profits for the industry, will be presented for your enjoyment. But more importantly, this work has significantly contributed to the best, most compelling storytelling in the history of entertainment. Storytelling in ways that were once only vaguely dreamed but have now become reality. That’s what we do!

Tonight, you will see animation that is so life-like that many believe the animation artists should be honored for acting. You will see visual effects artists who have realized new futures and old histories, in ways that make them more real and vibrant than the world we all live in. You will be taken to places no one ever imagined you could be: from the beginning of time to worlds across the universe, from the universe of atoms and molecules to that of giants and the Gods themselves. The lines of what is real and what is not is now so blurred that no one can tell the two apart. Visual Effects Geniuses did this!

Douglas Trumbull is a genius. We have all seen it time and again in his work and his art, in his invention and his passion. He makes us all better for having to measure up against the standards he sets and then exceeds himself. The Georges Méliès Award for Pioneering is more than just a recognition of his pioneering. It is a recognition of a spirit that he shares with the great man the award is named for, Georges Méliès. And no one embodies it better than Doug Trumbull.

Stan Lee’s imagination not only created numerous universes but sparked the passion in many ‘soon-to-be’ visual effects artists. Stan Lee did not only creatively participate in his projects but set the bar of what was acceptable – thus defining the genre. His body of work and creation has enriched the world of entertainment for as far back as I care to remember, and I am extremely proud of the VES for choosing to recognize his contributions to our world!

Tonight the work of my peers – artists and storytellers, each and every one of them – will be honored. The level and quality of their work, their art, is absolutely stunning – across the board! Tonight, each nominee has the honor of knowing they have been chosen to represent the amazing state of visual effects to the world!

So, enjoy the show and remember that whatever it is that “can’t be imagined”… well, we do it – everyday, time and again. I could not be more proud to be called a VISUAL EFFECTS ARTIST than I am tonight.

Location: Beverly Hilton Hotel. Beverly Hills, CA