VFX Pros Tell All: Cinzia Angelini2021-09-27T12:44:18-07:00

Cinzia Angelini

Director and Head of Story, Cinesite Studios

Cinzia Angelini, creator and director of animated films, has worked for major animation studios in Europe and the U.S. for more than 25 years. While she started out as both a 2D and 3D animator, she later became a story artist for Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, Sony Imageworks, Disney Animation Studios, Duncan Studio and Illumination Entertainment. Her body of work includes BALTO, PRINCE OF EGYPT, THE ROAD TO EL DORADO, SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMARRON, SPIDER-MAN 2, BOLT, MINIONS, DESPICABLE ME 3, THE GRINCH and ABOMINABLE. She is currently directing HITPIG, an upcoming animated feature for Cinesite Studios.

Cinzia has also written and directed the CG short film MILA, a war story that centers on the plight of civilian children. The short was produced by the world’s largest, independent virtual studio collaboration ever created. Cinesite’s Vancouver Animation Studio, which joined the film in its last year of production, was instrumental in bringing MILA across the finish line in 2021.

It was this unconventional, multi-national approach to production that got the attention of industry media, and also sparked her idea of bridging cultural diversity through the magic of animation. This would eventually lead to her invitation to speak at TEDx Trento-Italy, and at TEDx Vail-Colorado.