Category 7: Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial2016-08-12T23:37:22-07:00

This award is to honor the overall achievement of the visual effects within a Photoreal (i.e., live action) or Animated Commercial. Any commercial that is originated for broadcast, theater, or the Internet may be considered, including paid commercials, PSAs and promos. Limited distribution promos and branding materials, such as trade show content, presentations, and logos, are ineligible. Entries must be principally original content; promotional pieces largely recut from other sources are not allowed. Repurposed material, such as gameplay at the end of an otherwise original video game trailer, is allowed only as contextual video and should be minimized.

Commercials as aired have no running time limit but they must clearly be demonstrated solely to advertise or promote a product or service, and should clearly appear to be an advertisement to the general public. The Work To Be Considered must be no more than two minutes, regardless of source length.