Category 16: Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Photoreal Project2016-08-12T23:49:19-07:00

This award is to honor the outstanding use of the totality of cinematographic techniques of camera and lighting in mostly or fully CG shots within a Photoreal (i.e., live action) Project. The award recognizes the collaboration among traditional cinematographers and visual effects artists, including previs, lighting, and layout artists. The project itself may be computer-generated or photographed, but the shots being submitted must be mostly or fully CG and appear photographic, and any non-CG elements must have been re-lit or similarly altered. The Before & Afters must focus on the cinematography and may include previs, mocap, layout and lighting.

The Cinematographer for the project should be included in the entry provided he or she contributed significantly to the virtual production for the shots being submitted.