Category 15: Outstanding Created Environment in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project2016-08-12T23:47:53-07:00

This award is to honor the overall achievement of a single created environment in a Photoreal (i.e., live action) or Animated Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project that best creates an illusion of setting for the story being told. Created environments are defined as either completely artificial environments, or the significant enhancement of an existing practical set or location through the addition of elements not present during photography. The environment may occur more than once in the project and under different conditions, but must be the same environment, created by the exact same team.

This category judges not only the techniques for creating the environment, but also their integration with any practical plate photography or animation style. Before & Afters must show the integration of the multiple elements used to create the environment.

All entries must focus on one contiguous environment and be consistent in scope by featuring either breadth or detail, but not both. For example, an entire city or large environment should be shown largely in flyovers and wide shots.  Smaller, more intimate environments, such as a forest grove or building interior should be confined to a single setting of the immediate surroundings. This is similar to how a physical set built for shooting during a typical project is used only for a single location such as a house, a street, or a miniature city.