Virtual Production: Exploring Careers in a New Platform- Brian Pohl2024-03-04T15:09:38-08:00

Brian Poh

Brian J. Pohl has over seventeen years of experience as a visual effects artist, layout artist, and previs supervisor. A veteran of George Lucas’ previs team and Industrial Light and Magic’s art department, Pohl is credited for creating or supervising previs on over twenty-seven feature films. Pohl has also served an additional nine years within the software development industry designing new tools that assist the digital artist’s production workflow.

Trained in agile workflow methodology alongside multiple years of teaching and lecturing at various educational institutions, Pohl has spent a large portion of his career providing creative cinematic direction, story and technical previs supervision and educational subject matter expertise to large sized production teams and audiences in either the film or broadcast industries.Recently, Pohl worked at Epic Games as a technical account and program manager for the Media and Entertainment industry. During this time, Pohl constructed a community education program known as the Unreal Fellowship and acted as the program’s academic Dean. This program has impacted over 1000 Fellows and it is shaping the future of the virtual production industry.