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Audrea Topps-Harjo

Producer and InclusionFX Founder

Audrea Topps-Harjo has worked in the entertainment industry for almost thirty years. She has worked for Sony Pictures (CONTACT, STARSHIP TROOPERS), Cinesite (X-MEN 2), Electronic Arts (MEDAL OF HONOR), WETA FX (RISE OF THE PLANETS OF THE APES, THE HOBBIT),  and James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment (AVATAR SEQUELS). She produced three independent films (SECRETS, ALL IN, THE AVAILABLE WIFE) and served as Mind & Machine’s VFX Producer on Ridley Scott’s (RAISED BY WOLVES). Audrea served as COO at A44 Games (FLINTLOCK) in Wellington, NZ and while there founded InclusionFX (IFX) which is a platform designed to support and amplify underrepresented voices in the VFX for features, television and games industries. Audrea continues her work with IFX, while producing independent feature films and now resides in Washington, DC.