Navigating the Changing Landscape of Virtual Production: Aaron Sims2020-07-27T13:54:02-07:00

Aaron Sims began his legendary career over three decades ago as a special effects artist working under industry giants Rick Baker and Stan Winston (EVIL DEAD, HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, MEN IN BLACK, A.I., WAR OF THE WORLDS). As a critical voice in the making of some of the most memorable and iconic movie creatures of all time, his techniques in the world of visual effects helped influence the face of character and concept design for film and television early on in their application. From the early days of prosthetics and simple puppets in the 80’s, through the animatronics and emerging CG of the 90’s, to the latest advancements in VR and real-time VFX, Sims remains at the forefront of artistic and technical innovation. In 2005, Aaron Sims Creative was formed with the sole purpose of bringing together the world’s most talented concept and visual effects artists to create and realize unforgettable characters, creatures and environments for all platforms of visual entertainment (STRANGER THINGS, THE PLANET OF THE APES trilogy, WONDER WOMAN). Aaron’s unparalleled skill and dedication to creating consistently stunning content has made ASC the premiere boutique studio for creature and franchise design & development.

Most recently, ASC has launched its own slate of exciting IP projects and begun pre-production on an original feature film, DIVE. The first in a series of survival horror movies, Dive will showcase how ASC has fully integrated Unreal Engine into its live action production pipeline while pushing the boundaries of cinematic photo-realism, real-time creature VFX, and water simulation. The entire film will be pre-visualized in Unreal prior to production and will utilize those assets throughout real-time virtual production to final VFX. ASC is also utilizing real-time workflows for its animation pipeline to create their first real-time animated project, TANK, based on their upcoming narrative art book arriving February 2021 from 3D Total Publishing.

Aaron recognizes the power and efficiency of real-time workflows and considers Unreal Engine to be the ultimate tool for the modern storyteller and the next great leap in creative technology.