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2024 VES Texas Board of Managers Election Form

This election is for a one or two year term which will go from now through December 2024 and 2025.
  • Official Deadline: Monday March 1, 2024 at 5:00 PM PST
  • Voting is open to Current VES Members with primary addresses within the Texas Section ONLY

Candidate names are listed in random order. Please vote for ALL the candidates you feel would best serve the Section Board of Managers.

Candidate Statements and Bios are listed below the ballot.

You MUST be LOGGED IN to the website in order to vote.

2024 Texas Board of Managers Elections


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Joey Cade
City Affiliation: Dallas
Job Title or Description: Producer
“TLDR: I’m experienced, passionate about growing communities, and excited about what we can create together in VES TX.
I’m seeking to join the VESTX BOM because I have experience growing happy, healthy, diverse communities and know VESTX can positively benefit our members’ career satisfaction + quality of life. Community makes all the difference!
I have a diverse career, producing VFX, animation, XR, & real time development, but also live action, documentaries, commercials, festivals, etc. Wrapping up my first series pilot rn. But, the majority of my career has been spent managing TX-based VFX/anim studios, incl Reel FX, Element X, Burning Tractor, etc. I love tech-forward production and finding my next challenge, to learn something new.
I’ve served on boards and built strong communities for 20+yrs. First was Women in Film Dallas. Recently served 2 terms in statewide elected office as Secretary of a TX environmental caucus. I’m currently serving as Secretary and President respectively on community organizing boards, both of which coordinate w/ partners across TX.
And, I’m proud of my work growing communities. From the nonprofit groups I volunteer with, to growing studios and brands, it’s a true passion. I have success stories to share, but already tldr…
On this inaugural board, I’m interested in expanding our membership, planning events, and seeking sponsors. Thank you for considering a vote for me.
Stoked to have a VES TX section! Kudos, y’all!
Work profiles/msg me for more info:

Laurie Powers Going
Section Affiliation: Round Rock
Job Title or Description: compositor and supervisor. Co-author of Visual Effects for Indie Filmmakers.
“20+ years in Visual Effects. I would love to see the industry grow in TX and for the film industry, as a whole, to see Texas as a viable and primary source location for visual effects (and film, for that matter.) ”

Ludovick Michaud
City Affiliation: Plano
Job Title or Description: VFX Creative Director and Vice-President Corgan MediaLab
Supervise and Manage teams in Dallas, Orlando and Argentina. Creating Visual Effects for Architecture Visualization
“My goal is to enhance projects using innovative technologies and enable individuals to envision new possibilities. I am driven to spark inspiration and captivate audiences with dynamic visuals and compelling narratives. With nearly three decades of experience spanning across TV advertisements, films, game trailers, and presently, architectural visualization, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Education holds a special place in my heart, and I am committed to nurturing the next generation of exceptional artists. My mission is to mentor and guide them towards greatness, fostering a new wave of talent in the creative realm.”

J Schuh
City Affiliation: Highland Village
Job Title or Description: Creative Director / VFX Artist / Adjunct Professor
“With over 25 years of hands-on experience in animation, video production, VFX, and video games, I’m excited about the prospect of joining the Board of Managers for the Texas section of VES. As the Creative Director and Founder of Toons-N-Design, I’ve led diverse projects, from commercials to feature films, showcasing my visionary approach and strategic thinking.
Beyond that, I’m passionate about education, having engaged students for over two decades in animation, motion graphics, user experience, and VFX. I’ve also founded and led non-profit organizations like “A Bunch of Short Guys.” fostering collaboration and supporting local talent.
Serving as the Animation/ Video Game / VFX representative for the state of Texas as a board member for the Texas Motion Picture Alliance (TXMPA) I helped to obtain $30 million in incentives.
My experience in partnerships and community engagement, along with my commitment to industry advocacy, positions me as a valuable contributor to the vibrant Texas VFX community. Thank you for your consideration.”

Christopher J Logan
City Affiliation: Pflugerville
Job Title or Description: Principal Lighting/Tech Artist – Intrepid Studios
“I started in the film industry working in both the animation and VFX side then moved over into video games. Between the two I have worked in these industries for just under 20 years in materials, lighting and VFX. I have worked on 5 of the largest selling initial release titles in video games and have helped drive film technologies in the video games industry to make these interactive experiences more cinematic like. I feel strongly that these two technologies are approaching a convergence in technology and there are a great deal of technical and creatives on the games side I would like to see as part of the Visual Effects Society. I would love to help drive this new chapter and brining in new members from the thriving games and virtual production industry in Texas.”

Nelson Lim
City Affiliation: Dallas
Job Title or Description: I am an Associate Professor of Practice at the Bass School of Arts, Humanities, and Technology, University of Dallas at Texas, where my interests are in visual effects, tech arts, real-time rendering, and procedural systems.
“I believe that Texas is a great place build a sustainable career and life, raise a family, and still do what we love – visual effects. I suspect many others in the section share that same sentiment. And that’s ultimately the goal of any initiative I involve myself in.
I am excited about making Texas, the best place to be a VFX/Games practitioner, researcher, educator and student. I would like to use my connections with our education/research institutions and industry in Texas to create a more vibrant community of VFX/Games practitioners, researchers and students.
An important need for the section is going to be – regularly holding screeners and educational events. I would like to work to secure great venues that doesn’t cost us by collaborating with Texas universities like UT Dallas that have excellent venues and screening facilities, so that our members can enjoy more screeners, industry panels and workshops at modern well-equipped venues while shining a spotlight on the Texas section as well as the excellent VFX programs in our educational institutions.
Besides that, as an educator, I would like to work with other VES members towards our section’s student and educational outreach effort, enabling us to have the opportunity to invest in the development of the next generation of VFX/Games artists and practitioners.”

Michael Cosner
City Affiliation: Little Elm
Job Title or Description: Wearer of Many Hats. Currently a Motion Graphics Generalist.
“I am thrilled to be one of the newest indoctrinated members of the Texas section (as of November 2023). Edging ever closer to 30 years in the video game industry, I have proudly sabotaged upward career momentum in favor of functioning across (nearly) every artistic role available. I now come to the Board of Managers with an open heart and an open mind. That is to say, I offer my patent-pending enthusiasm and optimism to aid in nurturing & growing our Section. How will I do it? Not a clue, at least not YET — thankfully that’s where the training and mentorship from existing Leadership comes in. While I do fantasize about being a fair & just Leader, I could just as likely end up serving as a textbook example of what NOT to do. With great power comes great responsibility, so, like you, I’m curious to see where all of this could lead. But we’ll never know UNLESS YOU VOTE.”

Will Nicholson
City Affiliation: Bowie
Job Title or Description: VFX Generalist and Supervisor for Film and Television. Currently VFX Supervisor for hit streaming TV show The Chosen, produced in Texas.
“Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, where I started my almost 30-year career in Visual Effects, my contacts and relationships with industry professionals in the Lone Star state span all facets of production, including pre and post.
As a working VFX Supervisor and artist, I straddle the line between the every day trenches, doing the work we love so much on one side, and dealing with clients, directors, and producers on the other. This puts me in constant communication with the most elite of people both above and below the line. This is supplemented by my multiple years living in and around Los Angeles and working on high-profile and highly successful box office films, which lends credibility when negotiating with producers, film commissions, and even state legislators to help bring additional such work into Texas.
Currently, I reside and work from a small ranch outside of Bowie, Texas with my wife and three kids. This is my permanent home, and I’ve spent the majority of my career working around the world and building the relationships required to bring high-end film/TV work back to this great state, so I can do what I love while enjoying the incredible culture, people, cost of living, freedoms, and opportunities this great state offers.
It is my personal mission to continue that effort until there’s enough such work available for every one of us for years to come.”

Colin Campbell
City Affiliation: Dallas
Job Title or Description: Senior/Lead Compositor
“Six terms (12 years) member of the global board of directors.
Co-chair Work From Home/Remote Committee, Outreach Committee, and various other committees over the years.
Did some stuff towards forming the section.
If we’ve chatted at the various events, you’ve probably heard that I have a vision of how having a VES section can help transform the industry here in Texas from being overlooked to a more active player in the VFX community. This includes speaking with representatives of various film commissions, heads of faculty at some of our higher learning institutions, and the folks who promote more funding for the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program and bringing more awareness to the importance of the digital imaging industries to the economy of Texas. If elected to the board, I will present these ideas to the board and the establishment of formal committees to achieving these ends. What’s good for Texas is good for all of us.
And screenings. I’m for free screenings for everybody!”

Will Telford
City Affiliation: Prosper
Job Title or Description: Product Manager of Digital Human Technology at NVIDIA
“I would like to contribute to the Visual Effects Society in Texas in a manner that aligns with my expertise and background in the industry. I am committed to supporting the organization’s mission and objectives. Through my involvement, I hope to offer my industry experience and insights, while also learning from and collaborating with fellow board members and the broader visual effects community in Texas.”

Shane Davis
City Affiliation: Georgetown
Job Title or Description: Technical Executive @ SideFX
Shane Davis has over 20+ year’s experience in the Media & Entertainment industry, spanning from production artist, Producer, and Head of Production for several studios. As an Executive for SideFX Software, combining his skillset background to benefit customer pipelines, workflows, and software sales needs.