2023 Oregon VES Board of Managers Nomination Form2023-04-24T09:51:41-07:00

2023 VES Oregon Board of Managers Nomination Form

This election is for a one or two year term which will go from now through December 2023 and 2024.

The Board of Managers provides the leadership for each Section and is responsible for the management and growth of the Section, while adhering to the adopted Policies of the Visual Effects Society.

As a Board member, you will play a key role in promoting the VFX field and providing valuable educational and social opportunities for Section members. Being a Board Member should be taken seriously and requires active participation in an effort to bring value to the Society.

To submit your nomination for a VES Section Board of Managers, please fill out the form below. (VES members are permitted to self-nominate).

Applications have now closed and voting will begin soon!